What Is A Computer Router

A computer router is a networking device that forwards data packets to computer networks. It has two main functions of managing traffic between the networks by forwarding data packets to the intended IP address and allowing multiple devices to use the same internet connection.

This is commonly used to take data that is being transmitted or shared between computers and make sure it gets routed to the right computers. This is done by a scheme called addressing using a certain type of protocol. This protocol allows the data to flow over a cable and go between computers. A computer linked to a router connects to all the machines it wants to process information and data from, that are also connected to the same network.

Now that we have seen what a router actually is; lets us discuss the types of routers,

Types Of Routers

  • Wired Routers - Wired routers are routers that only transmit data if you have a cable connecting the computers. These cables are mostly ethernet cables and wired routers would only work if it is connected by an ethernet cable.
  • Wireless Routers - Wireless routers are routers that can transmit data using a cable or radio waves that come out of a wireless router. However, in wireless routers you have to bring the signal through connecting the cable first. Unlike wired routers, wireless routers have to be provided information through cables and transmit it through radio waves.

Computer routers most commonly pass data between LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). A LAN is a group of connected devices that are restricted to a specific geographic area. A LAN network usually needs a single router to transmit data. WAN on the other hand is a large network spread over a vast geographic area consisting of multiple routers and switches.

How Does It Work

Routing - Routing is referred to as the ability or the process to forward IP packets or packages of data with an internet protocol or IP address, from one network to another. The sole work of the router is to connect networks in your business and manage traffic within these networks.

Data Speeding - Faster transmission of data and information is vital in today's world. It is therefore necessary to identify the fastest data paths to transmit information by the routers. Thus, routers figure out the fastest data path in between computer devices connected on a network to send the data in those paths.

Creates Routing Table - A routing table is nothing but a stored list of all possible paths in your network. In situations where routers receive IP packets that need to be forwarded somewhere in the network, the router searches the routing table for information of the possible paths to reach the IP packet's destination.

Managing Routers - The management of routers is also a crucial element of their routing trip. Routers are used to modify the routing choices on a network. Routers allow you to connect to the software and make changes such as changing the password, encrypting the network, establishing port forwarding rules, and updating the router's firmware.

What Does A Router Do

A computer router links computers and other devices to the internet using data connections. It serves as a dispatcher by selecting the quickest route or path to transmit data. Routers are responsible for connecting your company to the rest of the world, safeguarding data from security threats, and determining which computer takes precedence over others.

A router, like GPS, will compare the destination to the routing table or create a set of forwarding rules to find the optimal path of "hops" in the network to get there. The router also maintains track of which internet traffic is sent to which network device. This is what keeps your emails or online searches from appearing on a coworker's machine rather than your own. Routers can be physical standalone hardware or virtual devices where the router is of a software instance.

Why Do You Need A Router

  • Reasons why you need to a router,
  • Improves security
  • Connecting multiple computers sharing the common interest
  • Routers have parental controls
  • Firewall protection from hackers
  • Advanced VPN security


A router serves as an access point for all of your internet-connected devices. It is also the necessary device for setting up a wireless or wired home network. Without a question, routers play a larger role in our daily lives. Businesses and individuals cannot function without routers, which serve as the foundation for information forwarding and data accumulation. We hope this article has given you a better knowledge of what a router is and how it operates. Please share your opinions in the comments section below.