Linksys VS Netgear Router – Which one is Better?

In this article, we are comparing Linksys VS Netgear Router to that which one has better features than the other.

Linksys and Netgear are both highly successful brands in the networking world. Both companies have produced many top-rated routers in the past two decades. If you want to purchase a router, you might be confused between these two brands. It can be challenging to pick between them since they produce routers with high-speed internet and strong connectivity. 

This article will help you arrive at the best possible decision. It compares routers from both of these brands. We will go through some crucial factors to consider while buying a router and have a Linksys vs. Netgear router comparison. 

Linksys VS Netgear Router

Both of these brands have been reputed to have high-quality routers. To compare them, we should consider essential features or factors of both. Before that, let us look at the specialties of both brands. 

Linksys Routers:

Linksys routers are best known for moderate to high internet speed. The high-end Linksys routers will provide you with better internet speed and connection, suitable for binge-watching, gaming, streaming, etc.

You can enjoy a lot of features with Linksys routers. Some of these include parental controls and internet scheduling. You can easily monitor the working of Linksys routers and make sure that your kids are accessing only the safe websites for them. 

The setup of Linksys routers is mostly straightforward. This does depend on the model you are purchasing, but mainly, the design is hassle-free. You need to install their mobile app to control the router quickly from your phone. You do not need a browser to set up and install Linksys routers. The app makes the process much more manageable without even needing a professional. 

If you do not wish to use the app to operate the router, you can also control them with the help of a remote. 

You can quickly form guest networks with as many as 50 guests. This is very helpful for family visits or parties. Linksys routers also allow you to prioritize specific connections over others. This means that if you link multiple devices to your Linksys router, you can decide which devices should be first connected to or get the best connection. 

Netgear Routers:

Netgear has a variety of routers like standard routers, gaming routers, etc. Since Netgear routers provide fast internet with good coverage, they prefer professional environments like the workplace. The company does not compromise quality and has consistently put out good quality, durable routers. You can have a wide variety to choose from when it comes to Netgear. 

Netgear has effective security software and protects your network from cyber-attacks and thefts. Your data is safe and encrypted. 

You can use Netgear’s mobile app and remote to operate the router. The setup is not as simple as that of Linksys, yet not too complex either. The brand has no issues with firmware updates, and crashes and hence the routers run smoothly. 

Now that we have seen the fundamentals of both these brands, Linksys and Netgear, let us compare them. 

Differences Between Linksys And Netgear Routers

The factors below will help you determine the best one for yourself two. 

Speed And Connectivity

Linksys routers are more appropriate for moderate to high internet-consuming tasks. These include watching videos, exchanging emails, or surfing the internet for regular studies. The more high-end routers from the brand can support gaming or streaming tasks. 

Although you are an avid internet user or game excessively or live stream, Netgear routers are more appropriate for you. Netgear routers are, as a whole, better suited for gaming. They also have separate gaming routers, which are even better for gaming than their standard routers. 

Features And Design

Linksys routers are suitable for both home and office use. These are known to be resistant to heating. Some high-end routers from Linksys are aesthetically pleasing in terms of appearance. Their designs are minimal, yet they are made from high-quality material, giving them a chic look. 

Linksys has many wireless routers, including dual-band and tri-band connection routers. You can find routers with wifi six technology that provide better internet speed and connection than other routers. With Linksys routers, you can also enjoy features like Mesh wifi, Cloud Manager Software, wifi extenders, and much more. 

Netgear routers have an edge in terms of appearance. These are elegant looking, even the low-end ones. They sit evenly on the surface and are robust. Although appearance is not a major deciding factor for most users, it all comes down to personal taste and style. 

Netgear routers offer wifi 6 technology and support many devices like cable modem routers, wifi extenders, and adapters. Netgear routers have network coverage of up to 3000 square feet. The high-end routers can be connected to up to 60 devices at once and hence, are great for office or workplace use. 

Final Thoughts:

Linksys and Netgear are both highly competitive brands with a hold on the networking scene in the market. It might be challenging to pick between routers from the two. This article goes through the basic features of Netgear routers and Linksys routers. We also compare them based on important deciding factors, like speed, connectivity, essential elements, and design. Take your network requirement and the coverage you need into account to make the best possible purchase.

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