How To Use A Portable WIFI Router (3 EASY TO FOLLOW STEPS)

The current article provides information on how to use a portable wifi router. Three simple steps are included in this guide to help you learn to use your portable router like an expert

Are you planning to travel to a part of the world where there is no access to the Internet? If so, you’re going to need a portable wifi router. A mobile wifi router can get you online anywhere in the world even if you can’t find an internet connection. By ‘portable wifi router’, I mean a small device that looks similar to a laptop computer that gives you internet access. The post will help you understand what a portable wifi router is, how it works and how to connect it to your computer or laptop.

What is a portable wifi router and how does it work?

The portable wifi router is a device that the user can carry. It can then be used at home, office, or travel. This device is needed to connect the user’s instruments to ensure that they are connected at all times.

The device helps users connect their mobile devices to a wifi network with ease. The applications of the portable wifi router are innumerable and vary with the needs of the user.

A portable wifi router connects to your home internet connection and can connect to the Internet from anywhere in the house. It’s an excellent method to save on internet connection fees while also allowing you to use the Internet from any place in your home.

The wifi router has four ports: one for each Ethernet cable, two USB ports, one ethernet port, and one power port (for power). When you buy your wifi router, you will also get two antennas to directly connect your laptop or desktop computer.

A portable wifi router can act as an access point, a gateway, and a wireless bridge. Because the device includes a SIM card, it can be used with any SIM card from anywhere globally.

This small device allows you to use the Internet from a cellular network or public wifi. It is usually used to connect to the Internet when you are on the move or have no network available at home.

The device has grown accustomed to having the Internet in the hands of users 24/7 a day, whenever we need it, so we’re annoyed when we travel and the high prices of data roaming kick in.

It may sound and appear high-tech, but these palm-sized devices can connect you to the Internet at low prices everywhere in the world, and they are straightforward to operate.

Although most portable wifi hotspots can connect at least ten devices and provide adequate internet speeds, they are not without flaws.

Guide To Using A Portable Wifi Router

It’s incredibly frustrating when trying to work but doesn’t have internet access. You never seem to be able to discover a hotspot. That is why I have created this portable wifi router guide for you. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the Internet wherever you are.

Step 1:- An Ethernet connection is used

When you only have one Ethernet or LAN connection available but need to connect many devices to the Internet, this solution comes in handy.

  •  It has a unique port that lets you plug in your modem or cable modem (also called Ethernet cable) and connect it directly to the router.
  • The user will access and use the device’s wifi settings in this situation.
  • The user can connect to a specific wifi network and turn on or off wifi. When users are outside of a wireless network’s range, this capability comes in handy.
  • The router’s connection to the Internet is set up through a series of protocols. These protocols are used to transfer data and information between the router and other devices in the network. The router sends a signal to all connected devices that it is ready for communication.

STEP 2:- Making use of a cellular network

This method will work only if your portable wifi router has a SIM slot. This method allows you to use your 3G or 4G Internet network without the requirement for an additional connection.

  • A SIM card is a little bit of plastic that connects the router to the Internet by acting as a “slot” for it. For the SIM card to work in the router, it must be inserted into the slot of the router.
  • The router will recognize the SIM card and place it in the proper tray.
  • The router can be switched on and connected to an outlet using a power adapter.
  • The router is the base station that connects the Internet to a power outlet. If it is not linked to a power source, it will not work correctly.
  • Link any devices to the newly created hotspot, allowing you to connect many devices to the same network without updating each device’s configuration. This capability comes in handy when you don’t have a lot of bandwidth and a small number of devices. 

Step 3:- Use a public wifi network.

The router you use for your home network should be high-end and have a strong connection. It also should be protected so that it cannot be accessed from the outside.

  • Make sure you have a powerful router that can connect to any public wifi network and establish a secure connection.
  • Creating a password is the most excellent approach to protect yourself from this threat. By entering the password, connect your router to a public wifi network.
  • Go to your device’s settings or control panel and decide what you want to do with it.
  • We can connect to our portable router and access a private and secure connection. This allows us to do things.

The Final Thoughts:

Choosing a wifi router is not a very complex process. However, you are advised to select the best hardware available in the market. Focus on its speed rather than the number of bands. 

Therefore, check on the Internet if it is compatible with your device, especially with mobile phones, and make sure that it will offer you an optimum connection speed. If you feel inept about the subject, you should have a solid notion of what wifi router to buy and how to operate it after reading this essay.

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