Steps to Turn Off WiFi on Netgear Router

Step 1: Connect Router and PC

Since disabling will happen on your PC or laptop, you must connect your Netgear router with the PC to further process. You can connect your router and PC with the help of an ethernet cable that you can easily find in the market or even at your home.

Step 2: Log into the Browser

When you have connected the Netgear router and PC, you will have to log into the admin GUI in the next step. For this, all you have to do is to enter in the browser of your PC. With this link, you will be redirected to the admin page of Netgear.

Step 3: Enter Credentials

When you are redirected to the admin page of Netgear, you will be asked to enter the admin username and password on the next page.

Every Netgear router comes with the default username and password that you can find either on the back of the router or in the booklet that comes with that. Most likely, the default username might be "Admin," and the password must be "Password."

Step 4: Go to Advanced Settings

When you enter the default username and password, the new page on the screen will have a few settings from which you have to click on the "Advanced" options.

After clicking on the advanced option, you will see an "Advanced set-up" menu. Click on it, after which the new set of options will appear on the screen from where you have to select "Wireless Settings."

Step 5: Disable the Wi-Fi Option on Router

In the next step, you have to disable the Wi-Fi option on the Netgear router. So when you are entered into the new page after selecting the wireless settings, you will see a box with the tick on enable wireless router radio.

This setting will be available for both the 2.4 GHz networks and the 5 GHz network. To turn off the Wi-Fi on the Netgear router, you have to disable the wireless router radio for both networks.

Step 6: Click on Apply

This is the last step in which you have to scroll down and click on the apply changes, after which the Wi-Fi on your Netgear router will be disabled for both the networks.

Summing it Up

Using the Wi-Fi 24 hours can be considered harmful, so it is advised to shut the Wi-Fi down and limit the EMF exposure to some extent. And doing so is essential to maintain human health.

So, these were the six simple steps through which you can turn off Wi-Fi on the Netgear router. It is recommended that people turn off the Wi-Fi at night when nobody uses it because it is a huge radiation source that can immensely affect people.