How To Setup A Mesh Network With Old Routers in 7 Steps

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Most people nowadays utilize one of two types of networks: wired networks or wireless networks. Most of the networks we use now behave as complete mesh networks, although only a handful are designed as so. Full mesh networks provide the full connection that we enjoy on a daily basis. These complete mesh networks, on the other hand, may be built up in a variety of ways. We are going to find out how to set up a mesh network with old routers in this article.

What Is A Mesh Network?

A Mesh Network is simply a collection of devices that are linked to one another. Nodes are the devices that are linked together in a mesh network. These are linked together such that some or all nodes have numerous routes to other nodes. Every network node in a complete mesh architecture is directly linked to every other node. Only a subset of the nodes in a partial mesh network may communicate with one another. 

How Does A Mesh Network Work:

Mesh networks are often used to share internet connections, although many of the fascinating uses of mesh networks are not related to the wider internet. Mesh networks can host their own servers, allowing users to interact and share information within the mesh network without being linked to the larger internet.

The devices that connect to the mesh network communicate with all other neighboring devices on the network. These devices also called nodes, communicate data to other nodes in range, and the data travels across the network from node to node until it reaches its final destination.

Nodes, which are generally built of wireless routers, can have a range of forms as long as they can send and receive data. However, in order for a mesh network to function, each node must act differently than it would if it were linked to a traditional network. These nodes must not only send and receive data, but they must also figure out how to send data across the mesh in the most effective way possible.

Initial Preparation Before Setting UP A  Mesh Network:

Before setting up a mesh network you have to follow these instructions.

Router Location –

Determine the best placement for the router. The optimum placement is one that provides maximum coverage in all places where Wi-Fi is required. Place the router in the middle of the home, and the nodes in the corners. Keep the router away from any open flames or fireplaces in your home.

Internet Coverage –

Consider how far you need your Wi-Fi connectivity to extend, including outside, rooms, and other areas of your home. Purchase several nodes and put them in any room or location where a better Wi-Fi connection is required.  

Node Location – 

Find the best location to set up the nodes. Ensure that the nodes are far away from any possible interferences like cordless phones etc.

Mounting Nodes –

Nodes have different specifications as to where they have to be mounted. Place the nodes higher if it needs to be placed higher and vice versa.

Specifications –

Each mesh network has its own series of requirements. Examine its specifications briefly, paying special attention to the maximum range of each satellite node, and arrange the placement of the nodes so that they are at least two-thirds of the distance apart.

How To Step Up A Mesh Network With Old Routers:

Now that we have brushed up on everything that we need to know about a mesh network let us jump into learning how to set up a mesh network with an old router.

  1. Choose a mesh network system and download its app on your smartphone.
  2. Unplug the router and connect its main node using an ethernet cable. Reconnect the router and let both the router and main node power up.
  3. Log into your account with a mesh network or sign up to create a new account if you don’t have an account.
  4. Link your account to the main node either by scanning the QR code at the button of the router or by manually inputting a serial number.
  5. Enter the prompted number or location for the main node. Indicate the number of the satellite node and don’t worry you can later add nodes if you’ve underestimated or overestimated it.
  6. Plug in the nodes one at a time and as each node is added, you would be asked to enter which room of the house it is located in for it to configure
  7. Finally, after adding every node in your house, go around every corner of your house and check the range of connectivity you are getting. Check if the connectivity range is as you desired it to be. And that’s how to set up a mesh network with an old router or any router. 

Final Thoughts:

To summarise, mesh networks are most common in companies and public sector units that require network connectivity to extend across a large region. People also opt to utilize either a complete mesh network or a partial mesh network if their household has a larger number of people who want a quicker network. By carefully following the procedures and recommendations outlined above, one can set up as many mesh networks as desired at home or in the office.

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