How To Replace Router With A New One (7 Steps)

In this guide, we are discussing How to Replace Router with New One. It is an informational guide that will assist you in replacing your router with a new router.

If your router is older than four years and needs a replacement, you might wonder how could you set up a new one in its position. This process is simple and might not even require a professional’s help. You have an older router which means you have a blueprint of where the router should be set for the best connectivity and range. For the other process, this article will help you. It is a complete guide on how to replace a router with a new one.

Step on How To Replace Router With A New One

If your old router has connectivity issues or does not provide the desired speed, it is best to buy a new one. Once you have a new router with you, you can follow the instructions given below to replace the old one with it. 

Step 1: Find a Suitable Location for Your New Router: 

You need to pick out the best location for your new router. If the old router has significant issues with internet speed, you might need to hunt for a more accessible spot for the router. You can try positioning it at the center of the house since this is the usual place for most routers at home

If you place the router right next to a wall or metal, it might cause connectivity issues. Try to look for an open space for the router and keep it covered and protected. If you have a particular spot in the house where you or most people use wifi, you can have the router closer to that spot. However, it should not make the other areas of the house wholly deprived of internet connection. 

Step 2: Connect the Antennas to the Router:

This is vital for a wireless router. You need to make sure you attach the antenna to the router correctly. You can look into the router’s instruction manual or search for it online. Once you have attached the antenna, extend it to ensure extensive range. The antennas are usually detached from the box. 

Step 3: Attach the Ethernet Cable to a Wall Outlet:

You may get internet via an ethernet cable or a coaxial cable port. Either way, you need to carefully connect the wires to a power outlet. You should make sure the connection is firm. It is also crucial that the wires are in good condition and not damaged in any area. You should make sure you check the wires and cables properly when you receive your new router. 

Step 4: Connect the Internet Cable at the Back of Your Modem:

You will see a few different ports at the back of your router. Plug the ethernet or coaxial cable into the LAN” or “Internet” port on the back of the modem. If you have trouble differentiating between the wires, you can use the instruction manual to spot the right one. However, many moderns have the ports labeled, so there will be no confusion. If you have a two-in-one router and modem, you can still connect it to the same port that must be labeled as a “LAN” or “Internet” port on your router. 

Step 5: Connect the Modem and Router:

If you have a separate modem or router, you need to connect them. You can do this by using an Ethernet cable. Locate the “WAN” ports on the modem. Plug the cable into any of these ports and plug the other end into the “LAN” or “Internet” port on the router. 

Step 6: Plug in the Modem and Router:

Once all these connections are made firm, you can connect both, the modem and router to the main power supply. For this, you must use the AC adaptor that comes with the router. First, plug in the modem, and then the router. If the connection is secure, you will see green LED lights flash on both devices. This is an indication that the set-up is ready for use and is completely booted up. 

Step 7: Connect the Router to Your Laptop:

Take another ethernet cable and plug one of its ends into the “WAN” ports on your router. Plug the other end into one of the ethernet ports on your laptop. If you do not have an ethernet port on your computer, you can use an ethernet-to-USB adapter that will get the job done equally well. 

Final Thoughts:

This article is a guide to replacing a router with a new one. You can do so yourself without the guidance of a professional. The report lists instructions that are described in detail for you to follow. To get further reformation on your router’s various ports and other details, you can check the instruction manual. You can also find similar videos on the internet that describe the process to help you. 

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