How to Install WIFI Router (7 Easy Steps)

In the guide below we have discussed how to install wifi router in a very simple and easy way if you have no knowledge about it so follow our steps.

If you ever wondered how to set up a wifi router? It’s one of the most accessible devices to set up, but it can be challenging to know the proper steps to take. I created this tutorial to step you through the process and get your wifi router working quickly. A router is a device that allows users to connect to the Internet and allows you to connect to it. When you connect your laptop or computer to the router, Installing a wifi router on your computer is straightforward.

Wifi routers perform two primary functions: They enable you to connect multiple devices to your internet connection at the same time. They broadcast a wifi signal, which helps your Internet-enabled devices connect to wireless networks. How to install wifi Routers is explained in step-by-step instructions. It is a note for you to help you complete your wifi installation in the best way. The tips are simple but effective; you can read and follow them when you need to install a new wifi router.

Quick Guide on How to Install Wifi Router Correctly

The steps below discussed will show you how to connect a wifi router correctly.

Step 1. Select A Location For The Router: 

A wifi router is a device that can provide wireless connectivity to a workplace. It should be positioned in a well-lit section of the workplace, close to where people will be working. To create a space out in the open, you need to connect the router to a broadband gateway. There are many ways to do this. For example, we can use an Ethernet switch, or we can use a wifi access point

Nevertheless, because you should connect the router to a fiber gateway from the ISP (Internet service provider), generally tied to a wire near an outside wall, it’s not always easy to find a spot out in the open.

Step 2. Access The Internet:

 If you’re linking your router to an established modem or ISP gateway, you presumably already know whether or not your Internet is up and running, but it’s never a bad idea to double-check. Another choice is to set up a mesh network using a router. The idea behind a mesh network is to use the Internet for local communication. The mesh network has a router at its center that receives data from the mesh and forwards it to other nodes.

To connect to the router’s wide-area network (WAN) or Internet port, you’ll need a basic Ethernet cable. The Internet port is usually distinguished from the other ports by a different colour.

Step 3. Join Power:

The power light on the router indicates that your internet connection is active and that it has been powered on. A few will blink or vary in colour during the initial setup to indicate multiple roles and changes; however, a light should illuminate when the router is properly plugged in and turned on. Please wait a minute or two after plugging in the router because boot-up may take some time.

Connect your router to your internet source, which could be a cable communication system, DSL modem, or other ISP entry point. For this, you’ll need a basic Ethernet cable connected to the router’s WAN or internet port. The reason why we use Ethernet connections (short for “electrical”) instead of wifi connections is that wifi connections have been found not suitable for long-distance communication (such as connecting from one building to another).

Finally, test the router’s connection by plugging your laptop into one of the device ports on the modem’s back. You ought to be able to open a cable connection as rapidly as you confirm internet access.

Step 5. Open the Router’s Web Interface:

Sometimes, if you have a wired connection to the modem router, setting up a new username and password is a great time. You must also use the same web interface to upgrade your firmware, change your security settings, and activate your wifi. When configuring wifi, it would help if you choose an encryption protocol for your wireless network. Avoid Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) if offered, as the standard has been dreadfully untrustworthy for at least a decade.

Step 6. Connect One’s Wired Devices:

Each gadget you want to connect to your routers, such as a printer, TV, or online phone system, will require an Ethernet cable. Attach the cabled gadget to one of the router’s accessible back-end ports.

Step 7. Connect Your Device To The Internet Via Wifi:

At last, once your wifi network is fully operational, connect the remaining of your devices. You should change the router’s login and password if you haven’t already. Logging in to one’s new wifi network would require you to know both the username and password.

Final Thoughts:

This article will give you all the information for setting up WIFI for your home, but this is the best way to install a wifi router. A wifi router is used to start a public Internet network in your home or office. So if you want to start an internet connection with your smartphone, computer, laptop, and other devices, it will help you install it. After Using this easy wifi router Installation guide, you can connect to the Internet. I hope it will assist you in fulfilling your desire.

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