How To Find WIFI Router Password (Step By Steps Guide)

Are you searching for a way how to find wifi router password? If yes, then don’t look further. You are at the right place.

The wifi router password is your wireless network’s most crucial security aspect. This is an indispensable part of everyday life that should be easy to locate on the internet. We can easily find out the password of a wifi router by going through the settings menu and typing in its name. But when we are not sure what password is used for our router, we can use this article as a guide to help us find it.

Steps To Find Wifi Router Password

The following steps describe How to Find a wifi Router Password.

Using Microsoft Windows (For the Current Connection)

Step 1:- 

Take a glance at the sticker on the back of your router. If you’ve not altered the default password, your answer can be found on the physical router near the wireless router. If you’ve already changed your passcodes, users can skip this step. 

  • The password for your router may also be mentioned as “password,” “network key,” or “wireless PIN.”
  • To find the password for the wireless network to which you are currently connected, follow this procedure.

Step 2:-

Right-clicking the network icon will open a menu that allows you to connect to wireless networks. To the right of your mouse pointer, a menu should appear.

Step 3:-

To see what kind of networks and internet you’re using, click Open Network and Internet Settings.

Step 4:-

Click Network and Sharing Center” is a feature that allows users to change the network settings choices for their computer. This will be in blue letters. 

When you click on a file on your desktop, it will automatically open in a new window. This aspect comes in handy when you need to share files with your network or send files from your computer to someone else’s computer without going through the file-sharing choices.

Step 5:-

Select the name of your existing wifi network by clicking it. A window will pop up.

Step 6:-

Navigate to Wireless Properties. This will be focused on the “Wifi Status” window.

Step 7:-

Navigate to the Security tab. This will be displayed near the top of the screen, next to “Link.”

A click on the Security tab will give you a list of all the security threats that are currently active in your network.

Step 8:-

Check the box next to “Show characters” and click OK. This will be visible in the text field labeled “Network security key.” The wifi password for this connection is displayed.

  • To see the password characters, you’ll need admin-level security access. You may be asked to enter the computer’s password when you do not have admin privileges before continuing.

Using Microsoft Windows (For Any Past wifi Connection)

Step 1:-

Take a glance at the sticker on the back of your router. If you haven’t altered the default password, your answer can be found on the physical router near the network name. You can leave it blank if you’ve just changed your password.

Using this technique, you can find the password for any wifi router you’ve previously connected to with this computer.

Step 2:-

Launch Command Prompt. In your Start Menu, type cmd, then click Command Prompt in the search results to launch it.

Step 3:-

Enter netsh WLAN to show profile information. This displays a list of wifi networks to which you’ve previously connected. Try replacing “EXAMPLE” with the name of the features whose passcodes you would like to see.

Step 4:-

In the “Key Content” line, search for the password.

The “Key Content” line is an essential part of any content. It should be something that the reader recognizes right away. It should be simple to find and remember.

Acquiring the Admin Password for Your Router


Look for a website that lists the default router password. Furthermore, even if you’ve changed the admin password on your home router, it’s still most likely set to the manufacturer’s default. A complete list of default admin logins by manufacturer and model can be found here. Go to

  • The administrator password on your router may have been changed if you purchased it from your internet service provider. Counsel the manual that arrived with your router, as well as any paperwork that came with it or any password confirmation emails you received from your provider.
  • Confirm the manufacturer’s website if you can’t find any data about your prototype.

Step 2:-

The IP address is a unique identifier of the router. Determine the IP address of your router. It’s generally something along the lines of or

  • Windows: Access the Command Prompt, type ipconfig, and click Enter. The address you require will be next to “Default Gateway.”

Step 3:-

Enter your router’s IP address in the address bar of your web browser. This must take you to the router’s administrative login page.

Step 4:-

Access your router’s login details. Attempt the username(s) and password(s) you found on the Portforward website. If you enter the proper username and password, you will access your admin website. Contact the manufacturer for assistance if users cannot sign in to your router’s admin console using the default password.

The Final Thoughts:

Finding the wifi Router Password can be a tedious task. It is time-consuming, requires a lot of research, and you may have to do it over and over again. Those mentioned above are a few ways to find out the password of a wifi router for the tedious task. With the help of these methods, one can easily find out the password of their wifi Router and start using it. After reading this guide, you ought to locate your wifi router password quickly and easily.

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