What is UPnP?

UPnP is universal Plug n Play software for networked devices that is meant to auto port forward and networks over traversed routes. UPnP port maps the devices and transmits data through specific ports of an external network with the IP address of an internal network. Universal plug n play is a simple way of finding out connected devices on the connected network. In simpler words, we can say that if ten devices are connected with network 1 on your computer, then UPnP will discover all the ten devices that are using network 1. This discovery of networks will be outside the router network as devices can access the connected network without using the router either through network sharing or Ethernet connectivity. Universal Plug n Play is mandatory for devices on the connected network to access other devices and networks. Once UPnP is enabled, all other devices registered for UPnP are easily identified by the computer, and a secure connection can be made without any third-party interference.