How to Connect WIFI to Laptop Windows (7 Steps Guide)

Throughout this guide, we will be discussing How to Connect Wifi to Laptop Windows 7 with simple and easy steps

If you’re experiencing hard times connecting your wifi to a laptop on windows 7, this guide will help you demonstrate this process for you. Before that, if you’re a techy person, then simply follow these quick steps.

  • Choose to add a new network manually and fill up the box there.
  • Network name- Enter the name of your network.
  • Security Type. Choose WPA2- personal.
  • Encryption Type. AES.
  • Security key. Write down your WiFi password in this field.

In case you’re still having problems, there are some notable points you must check first:

Make sure your laptop has support for wifi connectivity: Turn off the flight mode and toggled on the physical button for wifi around your laptop body.

If nothing worked, then updating drivers may be the solution for you. To do this, Get into the device manager; By heading into the control panel> the Device manager> Network adapters, and check for wifi drivers. Make sure to update it first.

Let’s make this process easier to pull off, and move down to follow the step-by-step guide with images.

Step.1 Open the Network and Internet settings

Before diving into advanced settings, let’s run over the manual to set up a wifi network. To do this, you’ll need to open your computer settings as shown in the image, and from there, click on the network and internet options. You can navigate to this page but hovering over the start icon in the bottom left corner. Hit right-click on your mouse.

Step.2 Head into the Network sharing option

After following step one, you will see a similar image on your side. Now click the first option, Network and Sharing center. This contains the options to connect a network. Thus we will be using the wireless connection from there.

Step.3 Manage wireless networks

If you’re on Windows 7, then in the left sidebar, there will be an option for managing wireless networks. And on windows, it will be found in the below options named Set up a new connection or network.

The purpose of this option is to connect a Device manually to a laptop or a computer.

Step.4 Manually add a wireless network on windows 7

On the next page, you will see an option to ADD a network. Hit click on it, and choose to add a network connection manually. Now there will be showing a forum showing some input fields. Fill them up with the relevant queries.

  1. Network name- Enter the name of your network.
  2. Security Type. Choose WPA2- personal.
  3. Encryption Type. AES
  4. Security key. Write down your WiFi password in this field.

Tip choose to automatically connect to this network if you don’t have to repeat the process every time. In this way, your laptop will save the details whenever you try to connect again. It’ll get connected quickly.

At this moment, you should be able to browse the internet on your laptop.

In the event, the issue is still untouched. Then, it’s a sign of problems with drivers. Let’s deal with this also. How to fix; Wifi not connecting to Windows 7 Quite often, wifi would not work due to issues with the drivers.

If we update them, or sometimes just enable them from the settings. Doing so will establish the connection between your laptop and the internet. Scroll down to see how to pull this off.

Go to the control panel:

Hover your mouse cursor on the windows icon located at the left bottom. Hit right-click on your mouse and choose the control panel settings. A control panel is the main settings area of a computer, don’t ever mess around with settings there. Use it only as long as you know what you’re doing.

Device manager:

Next, choose the device manager options from the couple of options that you will see there. A device manager is an option where the drivers of important chips are listed. In our case, we are looking for a wifi driver which is not working properly and needs an update.

Right-click on Network adapters

The network adapter is the option where you can find the drivers for your wifi. Although there is not a specific name for this driver as it varies from the device. So look for the last words. They must be something like wifi adapters.

On a note, quite frequent mainly after installing windows 7. You may not see a dropdown under the network adapters. It is because your laptop does not have any driver for wifi- Not to worry, you can manually download this from the internet. Search something related to this and a couple of websites will be there to get the driver. However, I’m sure you will face difficulties downloading the supported driver to your laptop.

If that happens, download any driver updater software that will do this job for you accurately. Not just wifi drivers, but also they are useful for updating other important drivers on your laptop.

So far, we’ve reached the destination. And there are two ways that we can apply.

Enable it if it’s disabled:

If you see the driver is disabled, then by right-clicking the mouse, you can enable it. As sometimes, when installing windows 7, it tends to get disabled, and the internet connections don’t work.

Update driver:

By clicking on the updated driver, it will automatically start updating to the latest version.

Choose the option saying browse my computer for driver software, and click next to let it be.

Once the wifi driver successfully gets updated, you will show a box similar to that shown in the image. In the end, the wifi should connect to your laptop, windows 7. Auth’s remarks Tips I’m sure if you follow this guide as stated, you will most likely get a working solution.

In the event it did not make a dent for you, then probably you’re missing something behind the process. It could be something like you may be trying to connect the wifi with your mobile hotspot, then look at the hotspot settings because quite often the limit of devices can connect, reach the end.

Or potentially, your internet device has got some problems there. Therefore always make sure the backdrop settings are favorable.

It also includes here you must check out the small toggled button on your laptop. If this is switched off, then the laptop will not allow you to enable the wifi. Even the switching wifi function will be no more.

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