How To Connect To WIFI Using A WPS Pin in (6 EASY STEPS)

Throughout this article, we will be showing the easy process of How To Connect To WiFi Using A WPS Pin with easy steps.

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) is a feature supplied with many routers. It is specifically designed to make connecting to a secure wireless network from any device easier.

WPS Pin is a unique 8- digit number that is generated for wireless connection with routers. It only works with a wireless router. You can get this code during the WPS Setup process. WPS Pin is like a secret code between your own devices. This WPS Pin will protect your connection from unknown users like your neighbors and hotels.

PIN entry is mandatory in all WiFi Protected Setup devices. The other variants, push-button, and NFC, Near Field Communication Interface, are optional and may also be found in some devices. Even though not as secure as a WPA or WPA2 connection, a WPS pin is still a feature on most home WiFi routers.

How to Connect to WiFi using a WPS pin?

Many WiFi routers use WPS. This network authorization system is secure and straightforward. A fixed PIN sticker may be placed on the router device, or a dynamic PIN can be generated and shown on the device’s screen (e.g. a TV screen or monitor).

The PIN is used to make sure that the router is added to the network being set up and will help to avoid unintentional or malicious attempts to add unauthorized devices to the network. If your wireless router features WPS.

Steps To Connect To WiFi Using A WPS Pin

You should follow these steps to connect to WiFi using the WPS pin effortlessly:

Step 1 Open Device Setting:

Go to the settings on your device.

Step 2 Press WPS Button:

Press the WPS connection button on your router. The button is denoted with WPS or with the icon.

Step 3 Choose Wifi Preferences:

On your device, choose the WiFi preferences. This component is found at the bottom of the available networks. If it isn’t present there, you can go to the Action overflow option and choose Advanced.

Step 4 Select the desired Network:

Select the network name (SSID) you want.

Step 5 Select The WPS Pin option:

Choose the WPS pin option. This varies from device to device If you don’t see these options, expand the Advanced category.

Step 6 Generate WPS Pin

For a WPS PIN router, look on the device’s touchscreen for a PIN. Type that number on the router. Sometimes, for using a WPS PIN, you’ll need to click on that option in your Internet settings and then enter the generated PIN, which is usually found on a sticker on the router. When the device is connected to the router’s WiFi, the router’s WiFi indicator will turn from flashing to steadily lit. You can then easily use an Internet connection up to your liking.

Additionally, as stated above, there is also a WPS push-button router, which doesn’t require any pin. WPS implies that if a WiFi router is located in a corner that is physically accessible to other users like guests, the guest can create a network connection to the router by simply pushing the WPS button on the router rather than by entering a password.

This is generally less safe since as soon as you push the WPS button on the router, your device automatically connects to the WiFi network, and you wouldn’t have to repeat the steps unless you reset and tell your device to forget this WiFi connection. Similarly, you can use the optional Near Field Communication interface to forward network settings to a new device without a PIN entry.

Therefore, with the help of a WPS pin, the router’s connection may follow through in a matter of a few seconds, so be patient. The plus point is that once the initial connection is established on all WiFi networks, the connection is made again automatically in the future.

Final Thoughts:

So you need to go through the connection procedure just once. WPS pin is a straightforward and practical method of connecting to a WiFi network. It is reliable and works on almost every Android or Windows device.

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