How to Connect to WiFi using a WPS pin?

Many WiFi routers use WPS. This network authorization system is secure and straightforward. A fixed PIN sticker may be placed on the router device, or a dynamic PIN can be generated and shown on the device's screen (e.g., a TV screen or monitor). The PIN is used to make sure that the router is added to the network being set up and will help to avoid unintentional or malicious attempts to add unauthorized devices to the network. If your wireless router features WPS, you should follow these steps to connect to WiFi using the WPS pin effortlessly:

Step 1: Go to the settings on your device. Step 2: Press the WPS connection button on your router. The button is denoted with WPS or with the icon. Step 3: On your device, choose the WiFi preferences. This component is found at the bottom of the available networks. If it isn't present there, you can go to the Action overflow option and choose Advanced. Step 4: Select the network name (SSID) you want. Step 5: Choose the WPS pin option. This varies from device to device If you don't see these options, expand the Advanced category. Step 5:For a WPS PIN router, look on the device's touchscreen for a PIN. Type that number on the router. Sometimes, for using a WPS PIN, you'll need to click on that option in your Internet settings and then enter the generated PIN, which is usually found on a sticker on the router. When the device is connected to the router's WiFi, the router's WiFi indicator will turn from flashing to steadily lit. You can then easily use an Internet connection up to your liking.