How To Change WIFI Router Password (7 Easy Steps)

If you want to change the password of your router then our well-researched guide will show you how to change wifi router password in an easy and effective way.

You want to know how to change the password on your wifi router. Either you have forgotten your wifi password and forgot to write it down, or you just installed a new wifi router and need to change the password. There is no reason to panic either way because this is an effortless procedure that can be accomplished in a couple of moments. This article will show you how to change your wifi router password step by step guide. 

Wifi is great for staying connected, but an unsecured wifi network can put your data at risk. Keeping your router password secure and changing it regularly are critical steps in protecting your network and data. It is essential to change the wifi router password on your laptop or desktop computer when you are not connected to the internet. This is because you may forget it or have forgotten it and need to reset the password.

Changing your password also prevents your low-income neighbours from trying to steal your frequency band! To change your wifi password, go to your router’s configuration page, log in with your current credentials, and change the password in the wifi settings menu.

Step-by-step Guide on How To Change Wifi Router Password

Following these steps will help you not only improve your wifi security but also how to change wifi router password easily :

Step 1:- Navigate to the Router’s Configuration Page:

The configuration page for your router is available in your web browser on any computer connected to your network. To configure your router, use a web browser to access it.

If users don’t communicate with the wifi because they do not even know the password, you can connect your device to the router using an Ethernet cable. And there’s no longer any requirement for a wifi password.

For Apple, typical router addresses are,,, or Input this address into the browser’s address bar.

But if that doesn’t work, you can reset your router to its factory default settings by clicking or Tapping lasted for approximately 30 seconds. Then, try looking up the default address for your router model and type it into your browser.

Step 2:- Enter the Username and Password for Your Router:

Before you can access the interface of any router, you must first enter a username and password. Users should join their credentials when logging in to access the network.

Most of these routers’ default usernames and passwords are admin and blank. This means that users can easily log into their router to remember the username or a simple password.

Step 3:-Navigate to the Wireless Section:

Once logged into your router, navigate to the Wireless portion of the configuration page. The actual title varies from product to product, but you’re looking for a “Wireless” or “Wifi Settings/Setup” tab or button.

Step 4:- Password Should Be Changed:

The “Shared Key” is a feature that allows you to share your password with a colleague or someone else.

Look for the “Password”, “Passcode”, or “Shared Key” box. You can access your new password in this box. Some devices will ask you to type up the password to ensure that it was entered correctly.

Make a strong password that is difficult, if not impossible, to guess. A strong password should involve at least eight characters.

Step 5:- Choose Your Security Level:

Wireless encryption is a method for securing data in the form of a digital key. It generates, encrypts, and decrypts data using an algorithm.

Wireless encryption is classified into three categories: WEP, WPA, and WPA2.WPA2 is used to create the most secure network. WEP encryption is not recommended because it is straightforward to break.

Step 6:- Change the Name of Your Network:

If you haven’t already, change the name of your network. There are numerous reasons why you should change your hostname. It is critical to understand what it means and why it should change. It would be advantageous unless you also regarded the possible outcomes of your choice.

So because the name will be telecast publicly, no personally identifiable information is included. Cyberattacks are more likely to target access points with default names.

Step 7:- Save the Settings:

When you’ve finished changing your password, click the Apply or Save button. The router will then proceed with the change, and any currently connected gadgets will be disconnected. Once you’ve changed your configurations, you can use your new password to connect to your wireless network.

Final Thoughts: 

All in all, changing your router password is an essential task that will only take a few minutes, but it can make your home network much more secure. A good wifi router password is a must for keeping your internet connection stable. It also ensures that your devices stay safe and secure. Your router password keeps unwanted people from seeing your wifi network and accessing your wireless internet connection. A robust wireless password helps to protect your wireless system and its users.

This article debated how to alter the router’s wifi password. Changing the router password is very easy, and having cyber security in your home can make you feel safer. We hope you now have all of the data you require to change your wifi password. With the steps mentioned above and the information, you should be able to change your wifi password and protect your wifi network easily in no time.

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