How To Change WIFI Password On Computer (11 Simple Steps)

The purpose of this article is to show you How To Change Wifi Password On Computer in an easy way.  

It is suggested to change your default wifi password for better security. If your password is easy to guess or set to default, it might be easy for hackers to figure out and hack.

Hence, it is essential that you change it to a well-thought-out, strong password. Also, if you change your password, there are better chances of recalling it. With a default password, you might have to store it in an accessible place to use it, which can be dangerous.

If you are looking to change your wifi password using your Computer or laptop, this article will help you. It is a comprehensive guide on how to change wifi passwords on Computer. We will go through the detailed process of doing so and also see how to select an appropriate password. 

How To Change Wifi Password On Computer?

Changing Wifi password on a Computer is a reasonably straightforward process that does not take much time. You can quickly do it yourself without taking guidance or help from a professional.

Follow The Instructions Stated Below To Change Wifi Password On Your Computer Or Laptop:

  1.  First, connect your computer or laptop to your wifi network. Switch on the router and turn on the wifi option on your computer. Then find your wifi networks name in the list of available networks and click on connect. Enter the password of your network. 
  2. Open your web browser. You can use Google Chrome, Brave, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser. 
  3. Type your router’s IP address in the search bar and click on enter. If you are sure how to find the IP address, you can check the routers packing, which has the IP address stated on it or check its instruction manual. You can also search online for how to find the IP address. 
  4. Alternatively, you can also open the webpage of your router’s manufacturer. You will find the website on the packing of the router and its instruction manual. 
  5. After doing either of these steps, you will be required to enter the password and username of your router to log in. This is not the same as the username and password of your wifi. You can find the router’s username and password on the packing of the router. You can also enter the default username and password allotted to the router by the brand and try to log in. 
  6. Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a dashboard with various setting options. You will also most likely know a home menu on the left side of the window; This design might differ based on the brand of the router. However, it is consistent when it comes to setting options. 
  7. Click on the Wireless Settings options on the left menu. If you do not find this option there, you might need to look through a general settings option to find it. 
  8. Clicking on Wireless settings will open a window with the name and password of your router. The password will be encrypted. 
  9. To change the name of your wifi, you can click the option next to the Wifi name. This can also be stated as SSID which stands for Service Set Identifier. 
  10. To change the password, you need to look through the wifi security options. These settings will be present under the security option or menu. 
  11. Erase the original password and enter a new one. You are recommended to use a strong password that constitutes upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and a unique character. Click on Save settings. 

This should successfully change your wifi password. You will be informed if the password has been changed. You can then log out and continue using your internet services. 

In some cases, you might be asked to log in again from your phone or laptop. Enter the new password and click on connect to the router. 

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How To Pick The Right Password?

Since the password is vital to connect new devices to the internet, you shall keep a password you can never forget and is hard to guess. Avoid using the same passwords for all accounts or subscriptions. You can use a few different special characters to make your password unique. Avoid using information like your name or date of birth in the password since this can be easily guessed. Go for a word that is random and is not a part of your legal information.

Final Thoughts:

This article is a guide on how to change wifi passwords on Computer. This is a relatively simple process and needs you to enter your IP address, username, and password correctly. The other details are easy to navigate. If you still face issues in changing the password, you can contact customer care about the brand of your router and get the necessary guidance.

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