How To Block Fortnite On Router 8 Quick Steps

In this article, we will show you the process of how to Block Fortnite on Router with easy and correct steps.

Are you in a losing battle with your child over Fortnite? Well, it is a common scenario all over the world these days where parents are luring their children by various means to prevent them from playing Fortnite all through the day and night.

Fortnite is an immensely popular fighting game known as the royal battle that keeps the child from across the globe from properly studying, eating, or enjoying life. The game being the whole virtual world of the child is a significant threat to the plans of their parents.

Therefore parents are not afraid of taking coercive measures to distract their kids from indulging in virtual battlegrounds. If you are one of those parents who are digging deep into the web to find potential ways of peacefully preventing their kid from playing Fortnite then you are at the right spot.

This is because we are here to keep you company by providing you with the simplest and safest means of doing so, which is none other than blocking the Fortnite server from being run on your router. So, go down the given passages to find out How to Block Fortnite On Router?

How To Block Fortnite On Router?

Blocking Fortnite is not a very difficult task since it can be easily blacklisted from the allowed sites to run on your device. To do so users will have to block the Fortnite server from being run on their respective routers.

The process of blocking or blacklisting the sites differs from router to router or even within the same brand name the process varies depending upon the model and version of the routers. The most common router brands available in the market are NETGEAR, TP-Link, Maraki, Tenda, and so on.

The general method of blacklisting a site on all of these routers is similar, that is to activate parental controls and allow children to play only during specified hours or block the site altogether from being played anytime.

Blocking Fortnite On Router

To block the Fortnite server from your router follow the following steps and get your job done.

  • The foremost step to do so is to start by launching the internet browser after connecting your device to the internet connection either wirelessly or through Ethernet.
  • Now enter the IP address of your specified router brand or visit their webpage to know the router login URL for each model of each brand.
  • For NETGEAR routers enter or

Note: In simple words, every router has its specific IP address that is needed to open the login page.

  • Once you have entered the correct URL address you will be prompted to the router login page. Enter your credentials that are username and password.

Note: if you have not changed the default username and password then enter admin for username and password for Password.

  • Now open advanced settings from the available menu and from there choose security and then block sites
  • The new menu will display a keyword blocking option or domain name blocking, enter the Fortnite keyword and paste the URL in the domain field.
  • Click apply to make changes.
  • The site blocking will take effect immediately.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is the most talked-about multiplayer online game that was released in 2017 and since then has become the talk of the town. This game has universal gameplay that follows three distinct game modes and features online chat rooms and talks in battle play.

It is a widespread royal battle game that uses violent fighting graphics and has millions of players across the globe. Fortnite application is not the only platform taking up your Kids’ time as they are also spending countless hours over live streams and youtube videos to learn Fortnite cheats and tricks for enhancing their battling skills and making it to the leaderboards.

The motto of the game is to “save the world” where the players are supposed to defend the world against zombie-like creatures using their superb gaming skills. These battling skills are enhanced with game rankings and purchased pieces of equipment that fighters have earned after conquests and victories.

Parental Concerns to Fortnite:

Parents all over the world are concerned with the well-being of their children and therefore they find Fortnite servers offensive and wasteful of their child’s energy and time. Therefore all these concerned parents are keen on distracting their children from Fortnite by blocking it across all possible platforms.

The biggest concern of the parents that is counted against Fortnite gameplay is its addictive nature that takes up maximum or almost the whole of the study time. The graphics and players’ rankings compel the players to keep on playing Fortnite for continuous hours depriving them of their outdoor playtime, social interactions, eye contact, study, and even meals.

All of these actions mean that the players are distracted from the real world and stay in the virtual world which is not acceptable at any cost by their parents who want to battle them away from Fortnite. The common or rather universal parental concerns over Fortnite are listed down:

  • Low grades due to limited study time.
  • Social exclusion (no social interactions except for those in games).
  • Staying all day inside the room or within the house.
  • Irregular and disrupted daily routine.
  • Irregular and unhealthy eating style ( grabbing quick bites while rushing back to the game).

Where Fortnite Can Be Played:

Fortnite is launched under epic games and has a single server that is playable in almost all countries around the globe. Fortnite is compatible with both PC and smartphone devices and can be played on both android and iOS versions.

It can be played on online servers and can also be played from downloaded applications. Windows, android and iOS applications are available in the respective stores and can be installed after verification of hardware compatibility requirements.

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