How Often Should You Replace Your Router

In this guide we will show the process of How Often Should You Replace Your Router. You will find it easy to understand because it is a step-by-step guide.  

In this modern age of technology internet connectivity is a required scenario without which one cannot imagine the proper working routine. To enjoy this bliss of modern connections and unlimited socializing options, WIFI is the leading consideration. To achieve an undisputed and fast speed WIFI connection the quality of the router or modem is the foremost factor.

Router manufacturing firms such as NETGEAR, Linksys, Cisco, Tenda, and TP-Link are providing supreme internet services and offer high-speed internet over long distances. The router is the premium factor that determines the explosion of internet-connected devices inside any building.

Depending upon the maximum number of connected devices the speed, bandwidth, and signal range of the router changes that do affect the internet connection and therefore the users.

For enjoying the maximum benefits of internet services users need to install a top-notch high-tech router that provides long-distance range, and high-speed signal transmission, and can be connected to multiple devices to fulfill the requirements of a whole family or the whole working unit inside the official corporations.

The Average Life Span of the Router

Besides the quality of the router one thing that affects signal transmission is the lifespan of the router. It is a common query among internet users How Often Should You Replace Your Router?

As a general response to this question, many technicians and internet service providers recommend that a router maintain its working quality for a period of about three to four years. After this period the signal strength and distance range of the router start declining due to the speed of the connection.

Besides these problems, certain rebooting issues arise in the device, and users need to continually unplug and plug the router power cord to initiate the connection.

Before digging deep into the response to How Often Should You Replace Your Router? You need to know the indicators that indicate the replacement of the router. Determining whether you need to replace the router or get the older one repaired is a puzzling task. Most people think that the slow speed of the internet connection is an indication of replacing the router but it is not a wise decision to purchase a new device just because your internet connection lags.

To make the best use of your costly router device and get the best bang for your invested bucks, users need to ensure that router is at the last stage and there is no remedy for its working capacity and quality. This is determined by considering the following six signs that show that the router is taking its last breaths and will die out anytime. In a nutshell, if given six signs are found in any router device, it is time to discard them and go for buying a new one.

How to know when to replace the Router?

The six signs of router replacement are given below:

  1. Slow speed
  2. Discontinuous/ dropping connection
  3. Failing indicator lights
  4. Device breakdown/ Failure to start
  5. Constant Overheating
  6. Incompatibility/ technology evolution

1. Slow Speed:

The most common and fundamental issue leading to router replacement is the lagging internet connection. Generally, the users get irritated by the buffering periods and when the duration of these buffering period increases above average, then it is time to check the status of your router or modem.

If you continuously experience buffering periods while watching your favorite movies or when the website loading takes longer than before then it is an indication of a lagging connection or in other words faulty router.

In many cases increased internet traffic or reduced bandwidth causes slow internet speed therefore you need to properly check all the causes that can lead to slow internet speed. If all the causes have been eliminated, it is most commonly an indication of a failing router that needs immediate replacement.

2. Discontinuous/ Dropping Connection:

In many cases, users can bear the slow internet speed since they have to make do with the available resources but when the connection keeps on dropping users cannot patiently bear this and have to go for replacing the router altogether. An intermittent network connection is an irritating thing and it can be observed when you are enjoying the internet connection at normal speed and after a few seconds, your screen displays no internet connection.

No internet connection is the most horrifying situation that causes the users to immediately empty their position and unplug the router and plug it in again. Once the router is powered on the connection is restored and users can start surfing the internet again. This dropping or intermittent connection is a real headache and is a strong sign of a faulty router that needs quick replacement to avoid a complete breakdown of the device.

3. Failing Indicator Lights:

If the status indicates lights are constantly blinking or remain constantly lit it means the router is working properly. But when the lights start displaying irregular blinking patterns or stop blinking altogether then it shows that something is wrong with the device and it needs a proper check.

4. Failure to Start:

The biggest sign of replacing the router is the complete breakdown of the device which is indicated by failure to properly start the modem or router. When no indicator lights are turned on, the device is not connected or cannot be started. To ensure the proper function, you can check the power cable and internet connection cord to ensure no issue with the power connection.

5. Constant Overheating:

After a certain period or generally the average lifespan of the router, internal components of the router start overheating. This overheating leads to the breakdown of the device and it becomes unable to start or work therefore users have to replace the router and buy a new one to meet their needs.

6. Incompatibility/ Technology Evolution:

With the rapid technological advancements new chips and ports are launched in routers and the older versions become outdated. To ensure sales of the latest models brands disconnect the compatibility of the latest gadgets with the old versions of routers.

Final Thoughts:

Therefore, users cannot connect their latest smartphones or gadgets with the older modems. To keep enjoying the internet connectivity users need to replace the router with the latest model and start enjoying the fast speed of internet connectivity.

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