You Must Know How Does Wifi Router Work

Wifi, or wireless internet access, has become a need in our daily life. There are almost 4.6 billion individuals who use wifi at home or at business. It has undoubtedly become an integral part of our daily lives, to the point that individuals cannot operate without it. Almost every home has a wireless router installed. Have you ever considered how does wifi router work other than merely supplying you with an internet connection?. Let us find out.

What Is A Wifi Router?

A wireless router, often known as a WiFi router, is a device that combines the networking characteristics of a wireless access point with those of a router. It connects local networks to one another as well as to the internet. A WiFi router is also known as a WLAN or wireless LAN equipment.

Types of Wireless Router

Below we have discussed the types of Wireless Router in a simple way.

Desktop Wifi Router

Desktop Wifi routers are the most common wireless routers used by customers. These routers are typically tiny devices with several antennas to assist spread network signals across the house and business.

The poorer the signal, the further you are from the router. For better signals, these routers are deployed in numerous locations across the office.

Mobile Hotspot:

Mobile hotspots are a widespread feature in cell phones that may connect to the internet via both tethered and untethered connections. When you activate your mobile hotspot, it shares your wireless network connection with other devices so they may connect to the internet.

Portable WiFi:

A mobile Wifi hotspot is comparable to a portable Wifi hotspot. It is a tiny gadget supported by cellular carriers that deliver up to 3G to 4G signals that may be used wirelessly by numerous devices.

It is the most dependable and cost-effective method of connecting to the internet than public Wifi hotspots.

How Does It Work?

Routers are typically packaged with both a router and a switch. This switch is linked to several devices, but the memory switch retains a table of everything connected to it, especially computers.

When the switch is turned on for the first time, it remembers each computer’s mac address that is connected to the portal and later recognises and transmits information to that mac address or machine.

Routing, on the other hand, is not the same as switching. Routing does not utilise the entire database of everything that is connected; instead, it uses route tables that include the order or pathways where packets must be routed to the destination. Routing connects networks, whereas switching connects devices on the same network.

A router’s principal job is to route data. In the realm of computers, it refers to the transmission of data packets from one network to another that do not contain an internet protocol or an IP address.

By forwarding and receiving these data packets, the router effectively handles all traffic between the network’s devices.

More than that, the router determines the shortest path between devices and uses its data to deliver the data packet. As a result, every piece of information you want is delivered promptly and properly. A typical family today includes a plethora of internet-connected gadgets, including computers, cellphones, printers, and even thermostats.

A router not only establishes a wireless network among the devices but also calculates the shortest path between them, allowing tasks to be completed swiftly and smoothly from one computer to the next.

A wireless router is directly connected to the modem through a cable, which sends information to the router in order to generate a stronger signal. This subsequently delivers data to the internet as it builds and connects with the Wifi network via built-in antennae, therefore providing a network connection to your home.

What To Look For While Purchasing A Wifi Router

Before purchasing a wifi router one must consider the points discussed below.

Internet Speed:

It’s pointless if the router’s internet speed isn’t fast enough for you. It influences how fast your internet connection will be and, as a result, how quickly online pages and applications will load on your device. It is most often measured in megabytes per second.


Frequency, commonly known as “Bands,” is the frequency of radio waves used by routers to send internet to your wifi device. Routers operate on two primary frequencies,

  • 2.4 gigahertz means slower data and more coverage.
  • 5 gigahertz means quicker data and a shorter recovery time.
  • Dual-band routers operate on both frequencies.

Range And Device Limit:

A strong wifi range guarantees that you can access the internet even if you are in a room that is far from the router. When several devices connect to the internet at the same time, certain routers frequently give a slower connection.


The most important need in a wifi router is a secure connection. In routers, WPA2 encryption is the most widely used network security technique. It protects your data and gadgets against online theft.


Wifi routers are without a doubt an incredible innovation that has now connected the entire planet to various networks. They have made man’s life considerably easier and more efficient. As with any technology, there is a benefits and a drawback. It is up to the individual to utilise it wisely and responsibly.

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