Gaming Router VS Normal Router

Normal or Standard routers are a household necessity today. We all own at least one router. However, there are better options for some of us, particularly the gamers, than a standard router. Gaming routers are magnificent in terms of the features they provide. With a gaming router, you can easily install and play games every hour of the day. Live streaming is something that is becoming increasingly popular among gamers these days. Streaming your play session and interacting with other gamers online is fun. This has become easier with gaming routers. 

Gaming routers might look just like standard routers in terms of design and hardware but are significantly different in terms of features. In this article, we will explore the topic of gaming routers vs. standard routers and figure out how they work differently. 

Gaming Router VS Normal Router

You might be wondering if you need a gaming router for better gaming or a standard router will do the job efficiently enough. Let us go through some of the critical factors that determine if gaming routers are worth the money to figure out the answer. 


Although connectivity with standard routers is not bad in itself, you can experience even better connectivity with gaming routers. Gaming routers have connectivity features that are especially favorable for playing fast-paced games. You will not have to worry about the connectivity not keeping up with the chaos of the gaming design if you have a gaming router. 

Suppose you are looking solely for excellent connectivity. In that case, checking out high-quality standard routers is not a bad idea since some have connectivity as good as a gaming router. Although, they will lack the other features of a gaming router. 


Speed is probably the most crucial deciding factor for most gamers. And gaming routers are specially made, keeping this in mind. They do not disappoint when it comes to internet speed. 

Wireless gaming routers have the best possible internet speed for gaming, and this is indeed as better as it gets. With standard routers, you might enjoy most games but certainly not all. Gaming routers have a great speed that is enough for any game. 

Standard routers have, at best mediocre internet speed. If they are high-end, they might perform much better. Although we can make a case that this depends on the company, standard routers are not explicitly designed for gaming and fast-paced games. And hence gaming routers have an edge when it comes to internet speed. 

If you are unsure about the speed of a gaming router or are hesitant to invest in one, you can go for a high-quality standard router as well. Some common high-end routers have internet speed close to most mediocre quality gaming routers. 


Security is a significant priority while looking into routers. A secure router will effectively protect your network from attacks. You might also be concerned about online privacy and your safe and secure data. 

The good thing is gaming routers have VPN support. This keeps your data encrypted and protects it from hackers and theft. Some gaming routers also come with powerful antivirus, so you do not have to worry about the sites or links you surf on the internet. 

With standard routers, you will get a good level of security. But this heavily depends on the brands as well. Some brands have unique security software. Standard routers can tunnel VPN as well as block websites. These are all great features that are going to help while gaming as well. 

Range Of The Internet

Gaming routers provide a spectacular range. Their ranges are much higher than an average router. You can also enjoy extensive wifi coverage with gaming routers. 

With standard routers, you need to be careful of their location since they might not provide range all over the house or all devices. But in the case of gaming routers, you do not need to worry about position. You can place them at any location in the house and most likely still enjoy a high-strength internet connection. 

Network Sharing

If you have a gaming router, you can share any form of media like pictures, movies, or something else across different devices. These devices could be your phone, pc, printer, or any other device. More importantly, sharing with a gaming router is quicker and more secure. 

Even with a standard router, sharing among different devices is easily possible. But it is not as secure. And if you have a mediocre quality standard router, it will not be as fast as a gaming router. 


This is a significant win for the gaming router. With gaming routers, you can easily access fifteen or more channels. It is also much easier to broadcast them. 

With a standard or regular router, broadcasting is possible easily, but you can access only three channels at maximum. 

To Sum It Up

If you are a gamer speculating upon buying a gaming router, this article is helpful for you. It discusses gaming routers vs. normal routers. If you are new to gaming or do not game very often, a standard router might be sufficient for you, although this can also depend on the games. But if you are a pro gamer and have fun with games while live streaming or play more often with friends, a gaming router might prove very beneficial for you.

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