Top 6 Best Router for Ethernet in 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

Here are some necessary factors you should keep in mind before you pick the best router for Ethernet.

Undoubtedly wireless routers perform pretty well and deliver a stable internet connection to several devices simultaneously. But many digital devices like gaming consoles struggle to maintain signal strength while playing and ruin the stamina in the middle of the game. So, whether for playing games or streaming videos, you can use the Ethernet port for stability and fast-speed internet.

That being said, I have reviewed some best routers for Ethernet. They are pretty solid, ensure safety, and come with multiple LAN ports for you to connect several devices at once. In addition, they claim to provide a fast-speed internet connection with wired and wireless networks, so let’s explore each router in detail.

Although this is a very challenging task to find the best router for ethernet so we have tested and then compiled a list of the most reliable and budget routers for ethernet.

List of the best router for ethernet is as under:

  1. MikroTik hEX S Gigabit Ethernet Router
  2. TP-Link ER605 Multi-WAN Wired VPN Router
  3. Ubiquiti Edge Router 4
  4. Linksys LRT214 Gigabit VPN Router
  5. TP-Link ER7206 Multi-WAN Wired Gigabit VPN Router
  6. Ubiquiti Networks Networks UniFi Switch 8-Port

Comparison Table for the Best Router for Ethernet in 2023

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MikroTik hEX S Gigabit Ethernet Router

Best Router for Ethernet

If you are getting the wired router for office and work-from-home setup, this MikroTik hEX S Gigabit router with five ports should be your first choice. It also comes with compelling features like an 880MHz of dual-core processor and 256 MB RAM. Besides, it ensures security and protects your data from any malware threats via a VPN protocol. Apart from an excellent wired connection, its wireless connectivity is also convincing, making it the best choice for regular use.

In addition, the setup and configuration process is relatively easy, and it can quickly boot against a push button available. However, it comes with a boring and basic design with lots of LAN ports at the front-facing and a power button at the back. You can place it anywhere near your devices for convenient usage.

Unique Features of MikroTik hEX S Gigabit Ethernet Router

  • Data transfers at 450 Megabits per speed
  • RouterOS is fascinating and provides interesting features
  • Set the VPN for better security and privacy of your network
  • It does not require downloading any software for setting and dealing with configurations; the web browser will entertain you with setup.
  • It can provide fast and stable speed with your existing internet service provider and data plan.

256 MB RAM

Easy setup

USB 2.0 for cloud store

Fast boot



Traditional and awful design

OS interface is a little complex

TP-Link ER605 Multi-WAN Wired VPN Router

TP-Link has been in the router market for decades and continuously evolving by launching new and advanced routers. This ER605 Wired VPN router may have a basic design with a metal casing, but it can perform very well and never make you regret purchasing it.

It has five connectivity ports, including 1 Gigabit WAN port, 3 Gigabit WAN/LAN ports, and 1 Gigabit LAN port at the front. Besides, the router ensures your data remains confidential, hence offering multiple security options, DoS defense, and advanced firewall policies in the user-friendly interface.

The router also integrates Omada SDN (Software Defined Networking) that includes gateways, multiple switching, and access point options under one roof. Also, it never compromises speed and connection even though all the ports are in use. So, you don’t have to switch to other ports or remove any device to work in peace.

  • Highly secure one-click IPSec VPN configuration
  • Five Gigabit WAN/LAN ports are available
  • Stable and reliable connection
  • Advanced firewall policies for data protection

Easy monitoring

Multiple control options

Compelling hardware

Built-in speed test


IPS setup is a little annoying

Frequent bug issues

Ubiquiti Edge Router 4

Ubiquiti Edge Router 4

Another best router for Ethernet in our list is from Ubiquiti Networks. It transfers data at a speed of 4 Gigabits per second, which is fast and efficient stats for any wired router. However, it is an entry-level wired router with a boring design.

But it can prove to be an excellent yet reasonable choice for home offices or small businesses willing to not compromise on the internet speed while working on the different systems simultaneously. Also, it is a four-port Gigabit router with one port supporting SFP. It has a pretty easy setup to save time and mess with wires.

Moreover, you can easily manage all the devices connected to EdgeRouter 4 via the centralized management system name UNMS (Ubiquiti Network Management System). Besides, you can blindly trust the EdgeRouter 4 to protect your data as it works by securing IP traffic from the edge and other core routers. Hence, it can be the best router for Ethernet for casual usage.

Unique Features of Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4

  • 1GHz core frequency.
  • It performs at 3.4m Packets per second at a 4Gbps speed.
  • Intuitive management system interface.
  • The build quality is fantastic.
  • It comes with Gigabit Ethernet ports and one SFP port.
  • It offers excellent protection from security threats.

Portable design

Easy setup


Traffic monitoring

Stable and robust internet signal delivery


Limited LAN/WAN ports

Linksys LRT214 Gigabit VPN Router

Linksys LRT214 Gigabit VPN Router

With terrific build quality, compact size, and six Ethernet ports, the Linksys LRT214 router is winning hearts with its affordable price tag. In addition, it is a single-band router with an Android operating system, so managing and setting the device should not give you a hard time. Besides, it also features five OpenVPN options for iOS and Android users, encouraging them to stream, download, and transfer unlimited data without any security risk.

However, it only restricts offering a wired internet connection. So, you may have to sacrifice the DMZ port to use WAN2; it can still be a solid router for a small business setup. The indicators at the top will notify you about the power and connectivity performance for LAN and WAN ports.

And the user interface is a welcoming feature with an easy-to-understand system status tab and VPN enabling option at the front. The local DNS database support is also appealing addition to the entry-level router. Undoubtedly, it is the best router for Ethernet and professional work usage.

Unique Features Of Linksys LRT214 Gigabit VPN Router

  • Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) support
  • Built-in DNS Database networking support
  • Mature Firewall configuration management with URL filters
  • Password and VPN keys to protect your router from unknown connections
  • IPv6 transition support

Advanced VPN support

Clean UI

Decent load balancing capability

Excellent security protocol with the ability to block several cookies and potential code threats


No offline support is available

TP-Link ER7206 Multi-WAN Wired Gigabit VPN Router

You will never regret investing in this compelling and best router for Ethernet by TP-Link. It is an advanced Internet router integrating WiFi 6 AP for high-density environments, boosting signal strength and ensuring connection stability.

The router will satisfy your internet access requirements with a total of four Ethernet ports, including one Gigabit RJ45WAN, one Gigabit SFP port, and two interchangeable WAN/LAN ports. The good thing is that all the ports will work on the 1Gb of speed, never disturbing other people’s usage while doing any activity on the internet.

In addition, you would never notice any lagging, buffering, or delay in downloading or streaming online content. All the TP-Link routers are designed to enhance your work environment and boost your online performance.

The router also shows firm support for IPSec/PPTPL/L2TP VPN protocols, giving you safe and secure data communication over the internet. Also, the dedicated Omada app helps you set up the router in minutes and provides configuration instructions on the spot to enhance your digital experience.

  • Firewall policies integrate to protect your networks
  • DoS function automatically detects threats and blocks them
  • Activate ALG applications with a single click
  • The Omada app can easily access on iOS and Android devices
  • SDN compatibility justifies the price tag

Compelling hardware

Highly secure VPN support

Auto IPSec

Fascinating load balancing

Excellent network capacity


It may not work with old APs

Ubiquiti Networks Networks UniFi Switch 8-Port

Ubiquiti Networks Networks UniFi Switch 8-Port

This metallic, compact, and plenty of ports router are all set to enhance your digital experience. Its presence would solve all your connection problems and contribute to your office interior décor with a stylish and warm design. Surprisingly, the simple white router has 8 Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet ports, including two 1G SFP Fiber ports. Besides, it allows controlling and monitoring the connected devices and performance level effortlessly using the UniFi Controller.

In addition, this 150 Watts best router for the enterprise network which supports up to 10Gbps speed, and delivers robust and stable internet signal coverage for smooth streaming, downloading, and playing. Also, the Guest portal or Hotspot support of the router would save you from the data leakage threat.

It also allows other users to connect using this mode and enjoy an internet connection without accessing your connected network information. Plus, the signal strength won’t break or annoy you even if all eight ports are working simultaneously. It means the router is perfect for businesses that rely on an internet connection to bloom.

Unique Features of Ubiquiti Networks Networks UniFi Switch 8-Port

  • Auto-sensing PoE+
  • Non-blocking line rate is another convincing characteristic
  • Guest portal to keep your networks safe from any potential threat
  • Managing and controlling is super convenient via the UniFi controller

Easy-to-use control panel

Configuration management at the fingertips

Eight Ethernet ports

Top-notch build quality

POE passthrough surety


Annoying fan noise

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Router for Ethernet? (Buyer Guide)

Below we have discussed some of the prerequisites to consider before buying a router for ethernet.


The best router could be the one that offers a fast-speed internet connection, and its signals won’t break in the middle of streaming. Besides, your internet data plan also matters in the speed factor because the router’s configuration must meet the data speed. So, if you are an everyday internet user at home, you can settle for 100Mbps speed with any of the below routers. However, if you are getting the best router for the office, you should subscribe to at least 1Gbps of internet, and your router should support this stat.

Security options:

Whether wired or wireless routers, your confidentiality should not be compromised at any cost. Many best routers for Ethernet come with built-in VPN and security protocols that protect your connection and data and save it from hackers. Fortunately, the system would convert the data into a specific language that only password-encrypt devices can detect and decode, and no human eye can understand.

So, always choose the router with advanced security options to freely use the internet at home and the office.

A number of LAN ports:

How many LAN ports you would prefer in your new wired router solely depends on your usage. If you plan to connect several devices simultaneously, get a router with at least four LAN ports. This way, you will save time removing or connecting different devices when the time to use them.

The greater number of LAN ports available, the more devices it can handle at the same time. In addition, if your router specs mention that the LAN ports are Gigabit Ethernet ports, then know that it can handle 1Gbps of speed. However, 10/100 Ethernet ports are primary and can not handle more than 100Mbps of speed.


Complex setting configuration is a real turn-off point, especially for those who don’t like to mess with wires and technology. So, get the router with an easy yet quick setup and have a dedicated app for navigation and control functions.

Now, that we know some basic wired router information, let’s dive into the review and decide on the best router according to our requirements.

Final Thoughts:

Internet connection is as necessary as water in the 21st century. Therefore, people are willing to spend for a stable and strong internet connection, whether wired or wireless. Undoubtedly, people prefer wireless connections for quick and easy access. However, businesses are still looking for the best router for Ethernet to not compromise on signal strength and coverage while connecting to several devices at once.

So, these are some thoughtful suggestions about the best router with lots of WAN/LAN ports to satisfy your internet access requirement. I hope you find the perfect match according to your needs. But don’t forget to catch the mini buyer guide at the top.

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