Router Buying Guide

Where there is a need for an Internet connection, we talk about routers. A router provides stable, strong, and speedy internet signals that eventually encourage a better digital experience on several smart devices.

In these modern digital times, everything is transforming. Technology is getting advanced and coming up with innovations to make our life easier. Similarly, Internet routers also catch up with the modern road and integrate the latest built-in technology to offer many things besides WiFi signals.

However, this modernization is also a bit confusing. We might end up spending on a router that we don’t need just because of lack of information. Also, emerging Router brands promoting their new models with slightly different feature updates are impacting our decision.

Things to Know Before Buying a New Router

So, here is a list of some essential factors that you should be aware of before stepping into the market for router shopping. Whether you are getting an Internet router for home or office use, some things stay consistent to experience an immersive online experience.

Here are things to know before buying a new router.


The most vital factor to consider is setting a budget. You should never go out to buy any technology without having a certain budget in mind. It may end up with an impulsive buying that you definitely want to avoid.

The prices vary with features, brands, signal coverage, WiFi technology, and many other factors for routers. Besides, you can save some serious cash by reading honest reviews that highlight the critical features to understand and match your requirements.

WiFi Standards

As I mentioned, technology is moving ahead at a fast pace.

You must consider its standard wireless potential if you are getting a router for wired and wireless use. Old routers would feature 802.11b, which may be compatible with the latest versions, but no one knows the life span. Its speed support will also struggle with time, and you have to start the newest router searching process from scratch.

So, if you plan to invest in a router for the long term, you should get the latest wireless standard which is 802.11ac. It ensures Gigabit speed support, which is neck-breaking than the previous routers available.

WiFi Speed

I can’t comment much about the WiFi speed specifications, and it will depend on your internet package plan. The manufacturers also quote the speed according to the wireless standard provided by the router.

However, remember that the quoted speed would not be accurate because the speed may vary with multiple user connectivity, interference of different devices and usage, etc. The signals also can fluctuate with the disturbance of objects, walls, distance, etc.

So, better to have these elements in mind if you are getting a router for the fast speed experience.


There are so many kinds of routers are available in the market. Some of them are used for wireless purposes and come under the category of broadband. In contrast, others only focus on offering multiple Ethernet ports to provide stable wired connections.

So, when you buy a new router, ensure it meets your connectivity requirements whether you need a broadband or wired one. Also, when looking for either purpose, speed compatibility should be the top priority. Many old or cheap routers offer Ethernet speed support of only 100Mbps, insufficient for stable yet strong internet coverage.

Hence, if your focus lies on the Ethernet port, get a router with at least 1 Gbps (1,000Mbps). Ethernet supports compatibility for excellent streaming, downloading, and playing performance.

Latest Technology

If speed is your primary concern, get a new router with MU-MIMO technology support. It ensures fast speed irrespective of the number of devices using the Internet simultaneously.


When we talk about the Internet, we cannot avoid online security issues. When buying a new router, security protocols are must consider.A threat from hackers or viruses is never-ending when you are exploring any new website online. Fortunately, many new and advanced routers are coming with that impressive technology that keeps you safe from such digital coercions.

Where the wireless capabilities are convenient, they are potentially insecure. You have to compromise your ISP information in the digital world that can be risky for you and your data transfer methods.

So, when buying a new router, ensure it features advanced security protocols. At least uses WPA2 and a built-in VPN to give you a sigh of relief for your safe digital presence. Moreover, the new routers in the market realize the need for security. They integrate appealing features like parenting controls, VPN, guest networking, blocking specific sites options, and browsing monitoring to keep you updated with your usage.

WiFi Bands

Single or dual band, what would you prefer?

You must make this decision before buying a new router because it can be really confusing on the spot.

Usually, the major WiFi bands are 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz. Many new routers allow you to use either band according to your needs and requirements. A router with both bands’ compatibility is known as a Dual-band WiFi router. You can choose one of the best bands that perform perfectly according to your usage.

In addition, some of the WiFi routers are coming with two different radios, allowing you to set separate wireless networks on each band respectively. When many users are catching the signals simultaneously, the WiFi speed gets manipulated and performs awfully. So, dividing the bands with users can help you tackle the speed issues and provide seamless signal connectivity.

Router shopping will be more exciting and straightforward with these categories to read according to your requirements and needs. You no longer have to torture yourself reading hundreds of routers reviews available online. Just pick the category from our recommended home routers and treat yourself with the best router available.

Best Wired Router for Gaming

For long gaming sessions, you just need an excellent internet speed with signal consistency to avoid lag issues in the middle of the games. Thankfully, the wired router for gaming comes to the rescue with multiple Ethernet ports that support high Gigabit speed while connecting to the consoles for the immersive gaming experience.

Best Router for 100 Mbps

Finding a router for 100 Mbps speed support is no more trouble with this extensive guide consisting of the best routers available in the market. The budget-friendly routers allow a smooth downloading, streaming, and playing practice over the 100 Mbps speed while integrating convincing features for regular use.

Best Router for Fiber Internet

Many broadband routers are not compatible with the Fiber internet speed, making you invest in dedicated ones with fiber technology to experience the neck-breaking speed on multiple devices. So, suppose you are expecting your home router to do a lot more than its capacity. In that case, you should consider getting a router for fiber internet. These compelling and attractive routers will never disappoint you with speed, strength, coverage, and cutting-edge features.

Best Router for Video Streaming

If you are fond of streaming videos on the Internet or binge-watching Netflix, get yourself a router for video streaming, made especially for the users like you. It can offer you superior WiFi or wired connection that deliver solid and consistent internet signals for smooth streaming. So, enjoying your favourite videos, shows, movies, and even documentaries without loading or buffering is no more a dream with these compelling routers.

Best WiFi Router for Alexa

When the technology is going smart, why not get the WiFi router for Alexa? Imagine having a dual-band router with lots of LAN ports, excellent security protocol, and Alexa support for quick installation, setup, and navigation from the comfort of your couch. Such a router will transform your device usage experience against some extra bucks. So, why not?

Best Router for 400 Mbps

Good quality and high-speed delivery make an Internet router phenomenal for any use. Size, shape, and built-in technology further plays a part in purchasing decision. Besides, users face annoying hassle to strengthen the signal coverage and increase the radius to boost the usage with their old routers. So, save the trouble and invest in the router for 400 Mbps for smooth internet connectivity.

Best Router for Multiple Devices and Gaming

Whenever we plan to buy a new router, we should consider many factors besides the budget. Its capability to support multiple devices simultaneously without compromising the performance should be our priority.

Considering their heavy usage, large families or even companies tend to get routers for multiple devices and gaming, made especially for them. Remember, not every router can handle the enormous data transfer, lots of streaming, unlimited gaming without making you suffer from lag or buffering.

Best Router for Big House

Finding the router for big house is a hassle itself. Many routers come with limited signal coverage that ruins the vibe of using the strong Internet at an unusual home spot. Also, the walls and other objects at home encourage the router to compromise the signal strength. So, in such situations, finding the router with a signal coverage range between 2,000 sq ft to 5,500 sq ft with exceptional features for seamless roaming is heaven.

Best Router for Ethernet

Wireless internet routers perform pretty well with regular use. Still, the router for Ethernet can save you a lot of hassle while connecting to the gaming consoles, digital streaming players, etc. The connectivity via Ethernet ports does not compromise the signal intensity that wireless connections cannot promise. So, gamers, PC users, and speed-conscious people prefer routers with compelling and advanced Ethernet ports to experience smooth digitization.

Best Router for Security Cameras

The need for the Internet is never-ending. A reliable and secure internet connection is not merely about social media scrolling, binge-watching Netflix, or playing games. There are many more things to do with the Internet, like monitoring your home or workplace for security reasons.

Yes, suppose you are thinking of buying a router that will not only be compatible with your smart devices but also show support to other technology like security cameras. Then, you should check out our review list of the router for security cameras. They come with an attractive and sleek design, dual-band capability, voice control support, extensive signal range, and fast Gigabit speed per second.

Best Router for Nest Cameras

Have you recently placed a nest camera all over your workplace but struggled to get effective results while monitoring? Well, the camera must not be catching the signals effectively, or signal range from the router can be another primary issue to consider.

No worries! You can check out the router for nest camera that ensures excellent WiFi signal and MU-MIMO technology. Also, it features a long effective signal range and many other features to monitor your surroundings. Remember, you should never compromise on security just because your old router is not performing well. It’s time to get the best product for the best results.

Best Router for ARRIS SB8200

Buying a Modem and Router combo can be a very thoughtful decision. Check out the detailed reviews of the router for ARRIS SB8200. It comes with appealing features, high-speed handling capability, and modem qualities to save you from spending extras on its monthly rental fees.

Fortunately, the routers are compatible with almost all Internet service providers and equipped with the latest technology to enhance your digital experience. Some routers also expect to handle two statis IP addresses, promoting the extensive use of the Internet on multiple devices.

Best Router for Apple Devices

Of course, there are no dedicated Internet routers for Apple devices. These devices are no different than any other smart device that require special attention. Still, suppose your existing router is not flexible enough to get compatible with iOS devices and requires you to put extra effort into catching the signal and maintaining stability. In that case, you should consider getting the routers for Apple devices we have extracted.

They come with exceptional features like massive coverage, connecting multiple devices without compromising the quality, and the latest wireless standards to meet the advanced digital era needs.

Best Router for Kodi

Who doesn’t like streaming videos on the Internet? But the bad Internet quality can ruin the mood in seconds with annoying buffering and low speed that stops the video repeatedly. Therefore, if you are one of them who has to spend extras on Internet data plans to enjoy TikTok videos or scrolling through other social media platforms, you should stop doing that. For once, get the router for Kodi that will promise exceptional signal coverage with incredible speed that won’t severely impact your online roaming experience.

Best Router for Torrenting

We all find ourselves downloading videos from online sources for later streaming. It can be for private or professional use. Usually, content creators are willing to find the router for torrenting because their work involves creating, downloading, and watching videos from different sources.

Therefore, we included some of the best routers that offer strong WiFi connections for video-related content. You can check out and trust us with these routers for a sound and durable experience.

One needs to make a potential effort to enhance the steam link speed. Apart from removing the source of interference, firmware updates, staying closer to the router for better signal, investing in a router for steam link holds the utmost priority.

The router can control the signal speed, range, stability, and strength required to do unlimited downloading, streaming, and playing video games with advanced consoles. The routers come with the latest WiFi 6 technology that ultimately brings out the best experience you could ever have with cheap routers.

Best Router for College Dorm

Just like home or office, we need a reliable WiFi connection at our college dorms. It benefits us stay connected with family and friends and can also be a big help for our studies. However, data sharing and other usages from multiple devices can sometimes ruin the signal capability because several routers cannot handle many network connections.

Therefore, we got your back with these affordable and router for college dorm that feature fast speed, dual-band frequency, and other exciting elements.

Best WiFi Router with Modem for Home

A functional Router with a modem is everything you need to keep yourself hooked with the Internet in your spare time. But, seeing lots of new and attractive models can manipulate our buying decision. The chance of spending on the wrong device gets higher with every new model release. So, to be on the secure side, check out our list of the WiFi Router with Modem for Home and save yourself from unnecessary spending.

Router Comparison Guide:

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, getting a new technology device requires lots of patience, research, and a handsome amount. When you don’t know the nature of technology, it is your responsibility to get yourself educate to save from any major trouble coming your way. Apart from designing a detailed review guide containing the best routers according to the requirements, I have put together some essential factors to know before buying a new router.

Whenever you plan to buy a new router, it should be your investment, not merely spending. So, here are a few crucial characteristics that you should learn before going out to buy yourself a new router.

All the factors mentioned above are the must-have in any router despite the brand or model. However, if you are still coming across any unique built-in aspect, please drop in comments, and we will discuss.

We have also discussed some solutions related to router connectivity and additional knowledge associated to routers, which you can also explore.